2 Top Tools to Optimized Your Images for WordPress

Using images on your business site or blog is always a great idea to engage viewers (Learn more about free images for your site here)

However, if your images are not optimized, they can slow down your site which in turn can slow sites and hurt your SEO. Optimizing images prior to upload to your WordPress site is your best bet.

Create your image or use a photo using a tool like canva.com – Canva.com is a free online tool that lets you set up a graphic in any size you need. Once you have your design or photo in the way that you like it simply download the graphic to your desktop.

  1. USE tinypng.com to optimize your images.

Prior to uploading your image to your website you need to visit a website that allows you to etinypng-optimized-web-imagesasily optimize your images. It’s called tinypng.com.

Drag your image to the area that says”Drop your .png or .jpg files here!” and it will automatically start optimizing your image. Once it’s complete, it will display a percentage of what tinypng (Panda) has saved you.

tinypng-optimize-imagesThen click the download button and you are ready to upload the new optimized image to your website.

Rince and repeat for all of your images each time to keep you site running smoothly.

Can you tell the difference in the below image? Our image started out at 801.7 KB and after it was 207.4 KB. We saved over 594 KB in one swoop!


2) Use a plugin Ewwwww to optimize images

ewww-image-optimizerIf you have a bunch of images that already exist on your site and you’d like to optimize them there are a few plugins that can help.  Ewww Image Optimizer can be found on the WordPress repository here. And you can either download it and install it on your WordPress site or just install it directly from your plugins area. Make sure to activate plugin after you install it.

unoptimized-imagesUnder your image section, you will see an area that says “unoptimized images”.

Once you select that you will be given a list of all the images on your site that you have not optimized. Select the button that says “optimize all images” and it will display a new screen that has options on it. You can simply select “start optimizing” to begin.

It automatically runs through your images to optimize them. You also have the option to “scan and Optimize” everything else if you’d like. It can take some time depending on how many images you have so I’d recommend getting yourself a cup of coffee. Enjoy!options-for-ewww-image-optimizer




Cheryl is an award-winning designer that assists companies get to the next level through marketing design for print, digital and web. She can be found at http://www.forziatidesign.com


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